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eagle LENSES utilize the most advanced technology available today.

This includes both software and hardware that works in tandem to produce a superior lens.

Advanced calculation algorithms make it possible to design a customized lens solution. Specialized machinery allows us to fabricate these lenses within very exacting standards, giving you the best vision possible.


Similar to a television, your eyewear has “standard” and “high definition” options as well.

The standard lenses have been commonplace for decades, while newer high-definition lenses are just now becoming more accessible.

Standard lenses were designed to give you your exact prescription at a single point on the lens - called the ‘optical center’. Usually this is when you’re looking straight ahead, eyes forward. The further your eyes get away from this center point, however, the more incorrect your prescription becomes. Eventually it gets bad enough that you can’t see, so you have to turn your head instead of just moving your eyes.

High definition lenses, on the other hand, are able to use advanced calculation technology to create a lens that is totally optimized for your prescription, no matter which way you look out of the lens. By combining this calculation technology with digitally controlled diamond-tipped cutting machines, lenses can be produced with pinpoint accuracy. This is how you can get the best vision possible - the vision you deserve.

 young couple wearing eye glasses
 high refraction of an eye glass lens


When you have a really high prescription,
you can sometimes be out of luck when it come to lenses.

This becomes especially true if you ever wanted to order online, as a lot of sites only have certain prescription ranges that they will deal with. eagle LENSES, however, are specially designed to be able to handle extremely high prescriptions. Not only can we make them, we can actually make them look good. There’s no reason you can’t have the look you want just because you have a high prescription. We can even think out the edges of your lenses to make them even thinner, giving you even more choice in your eyewear.


One, or two? Better, or worse?
These are familiar questions to anyone having an eye exam.

But when you finally get done and get your prescription, there’s something that this exam doesn’t account for — your frame.

Just like shopping for a shirt, the exam is only going to give you a ‘pretty close’ measurement — like a small, medium, or large. This is because the phoropter (the thing they put over your face, like the one over there to the right) doesn’t take into account the different angles and distances that are involved.

When you get a Tailored Prescription, we take into account the angles of the frames that you choose. Going back to our shirt example — sure, the old way will give you a shirt that fits “good enough” or “okay”, but by taking all of the measurements you are able to get that “perfect fit”. This also means that, if you have a few different frames, your Tailored Prescription between them may all be different. This is to account for the way that you wear each individual frame, making this truly a unique fit just for you.

 man having eyes examined with a manual phoropter
 mature mixed race couple wearing eye glasses


As technology improves, we gain more and more control over the nature of optics.

When we made a lens in the old days, we typically only processed the back of it. The front was a pre-molded curve. Based on your prescription, we’d just pick the closest curve we happened to have. Unfortunately, this was only ever ‘close enough’, as the curve would never be the exact right one for your prescription.

With the latest lens technology, we employ lenses with complex front surfaces. This means that they don’t have just one curve, but many. We can then compute the exact locations we need to utilize to match your prescription to the ideal curve on the front of the lens.

This is referred to as an eagle CAMBER™ LENS, which is the most advanced lens product available today.


The latest in free-form progressive lens technology.

Camber Technology combines complex curves on both surfaces of the lens to provide excellent vision correction. The unique, continuously changing front surface of the specially designed lens blank was specifically created to expanded reading zones with improved peripheral vision.


In addition to mathematically compensating for oblique aberrations, IOT Digital Ray-Path (DRP) adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation: the small power adjustments the eyes naturally make to view objects at different distances.

Lenses customized with this technology have drastically reduced oblique aberrations across the entire field of vision. They are more comfortable, have impeccable visual quality, and more precise focus.

All eagle with CAMBER and eagle LENSES ( excluding eaglet ) include DRP.


This methodology is applied to progressive lenses. It considers the average power of the sphere of distribution to increase the wearer’s satisfaction and offers improved peripheral vision and image stability.

 Camber digital elephant trunk showcasing the variable curves across the surface

Digital Ray-Path is a registered trademark of Indizen Optical Technologies.
Camber is a trademark of Younger Mfg. Co.

eagle LENSES are designed for one thing —
To give you exactly what you want & what you need, based on how you live your life.

eagle LENSES are all compensated & digitally enhanced, allowing you to provide frame wrap, tilt, & vertex, to customize the prescription for every patient.

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