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Any frame. Any color. Any Material. EAGLE™ Lenses
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Why Choose EAGLE

You deserve the best vision,
no matter where you are.

Eagle™ Lenses are designed for one thing - giving you exactly what you need and want. There’s no such thing as a ‘best’ pair of eyewear that will suit everyone. You need to be able to select what’s best for you, based on how you live your life. There are three important parts to any great pair of lenses - material, color, and design. All of these play a huge part in getting the exact fit that you deserve.

This is the major problem with many online eyewear retailers have these days - they don’t care about what you do or who you are. Sure, they may have plenty of frames to choose from - but what about the actual lenses? They may look awesome, but if you can’t see out of the lenses, then is it really a good deal? Eagle™ Lenses changes all of that - an array of designs to meet all of your visual needs.


EAGLE™ Designs

How a lens is designed plays a huge part in how well you can actually see out of it.

And lenses can be designed for certain things - such as reading, driving, sports, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The ideal case is for you to be able to identify what it is you want to do, and then find the best lenses for the job. Eagle™ Lenses let you choose what areas are more important for you. That means if you’re a student we can help reduce eye strain while you’re studying. Or if you’re a painter we can make sure you have a wide view of your canvas, while still being able to see your subject.

Eagle™ Lenses have the widest material and color availability of any lens. This means you can easily choose what features are most important to you. For sunwear, there’s polarized lenses. A variety of self-tinting lenses give you a great choice for an all-around pair. If you want the best optics you can get, Eagle™ Lenses are also the only digital lenses featuring glass as an option.

Your Lens. Your Prescription.

Most online retailers give you a certain ‘range’ of prescriptions for a reason - it requires lots of know-how & technology to produce lenses.

Higher prescriptions are more difficult, so they just don’t think it’s worth their time.
Eagle Lenses offer the largest range of any lenses, making high prescriptions no problem.


Lens designs based on what you do.

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